How To Maintain Your Flat Roof


Flat roofs are a great addition to your home, but you do need to ensure they are looked after. We get unpredictable weather, which can occasionally affect these roofs, due to them not being slanted. However, there are ways to make sure they doing their jobs and help their longevity as much as possible. For instance, keeping an eye on the drainage is important, as compared to a slanting roof, they won’t drain as easily. You need to ensure that the roofline (drains and gutters) is kept clear of any pooling or obstructions such as leaves and moss, particularly after bad weather. Leaving debris to build up in gutters and on the roof can create mould, damp and potential pest issues. Sometimes branches can overhang, dropping debris on top of the roof, so clearing back these branches is a good option. It is best to keep an eye out for puddles that may appear too, as you don’t want any leaking or water to be sitting stagnant on your roof.


If you spot any cracks or wear and tear on top of the roof, then you should get a professional to take a look, as this can indicate a weak spot which could develop into a bigger problem if left alone. This can be hard to spot, so an inspection is integral to keep on top of things. By keeping your roof stress free from heavy loads and any issues looked at by a professional, you are ensuring your home is kept safe and secure. Call us today for all your Flat Roof repairs in Oxford.


Velux Windows And Their Benefits


Having Velux windows fitted can be highly beneficial for your home. One advantage is that the quality of air can improve, with ventilation having a boost. ‘Ve’ stand for ventilation, which will be effortless and smooth, improving the air supply in your property. This will also help with preventing structural damp, which will reduce the chance of condensation and mould.


‘Lux’ in Latin is ‘light’, so another benefit is more natural light shining through. These frames are made to be narrow to let as much light as possible in. Sunlight can be beneficial to both your mental and physical health.


Aesthetically, these windows have many varieties to think about, so you can decide on the theme you want. Velux windows will be airier and help to give the illusion of a bigger space. You will find that due to the windows having the benefit of insulation, you are helping to keep your household warm, as well as keeping your energy expenses low. You won’t have to use electrical lights as often either, which is another eco-friendly plus.
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The Importance Of Chimney Repairs


One thing we look for in a home is a comforting ambience. One way of getting this is by having a fireplace, as these are aesthetically pleasing parts of our living rooms that keep us warm and keep the room cosy. However, proper maintenance is integral to a fireplace and chimney, as without the right repairs you are looking at a concerning fire risk.


A chimney has the job of taking dangerous smoke and gases created into the air and atmosphere. By getting rid of them, you are limiting the danger of gases such as carbon monoxide, which can be very dangerous to your life and health. This is why it is important you have a carbon monoxide detector. A chimney will also take in excess heat from the fireplace, which is importance due to the flammable possessions in the room. If the excessive heat isn’t absorbed, then they can catch on fire once it is hot enough. Other issues that can develop are blockages within the chimney, creosote build ups, flue cracks, brickwork crumbling and issues with the flashings and chimney pot or structure.


It is important that if you notice anything wrong, or even just want it to be checked over, then a professional is best, as they will know what to look out for safely. Chimney safety is important and not checking things over properly could create a dangerous issue, so when in doubt, always get a professional to look it over regularly. Call us today for all Chimney repairs in Bicester and Oxford.


Things To Know About Commercial Flat Roofs


Flat roofs are a popular choice for residential properties (such as for a conservatory or extension)but they can also be used for commercial reasons, such as a shop. They are simple to take care of and affordable.


If a flat roof is looked after carefully and installed properly, it can last for a long time. However, this doesn’t mean they can’t have issues eventually. One thing you should watch out for is a leak and where it came from. If you know this then it will be helpful for anyone fixing it. An expert should be hired, particularly if there is a lot of damage and the material is wearing away. If you use an expert then any work done will be done properly and thoroughly, as well as keeping safety a priority.


You may think saving money is the best thing to do and go for cheaper options for materials, but you should go for the material that is the most durable and defensive against bad weather. It may be pricey at first, but quality is important when it comes to keeping the risk of issues down. Visually it will look a lot better too, therefore the value of the building can improve. Overall, if the flat roof is maintained properly then you won’t have to worry about repairs anyway. If it’s inspected often then the lifespan will increase, therefore keeping the building safe from the elements, as well as protecting any residents or customers that may be in there regularly.


Keeping Your Rainwater Systems Safe


It doesn’t matter what sort of rainwater system you have, as blockages can happen from leaves and moss any time. It is integral that your rainwater systems are kept regularly maintained, to help protect your property from the harsh weather. Cleaning should be a common occurrence during building maintenance, as the gutter could overflow. Water can then leak through and ruin the structure and roof of the property. This can lead to damaged, rotten wood, which can cause infestations of insects and pests. It is advised to give a regular visual check.


A problem you may encounter by letting moss build up in your gutters, is a new nesting area for birds and other pests. They could potentially loosen any tiles and enter the roof area inside. Another problem is any downpipes that may break will be a serious problem, as flooding can happen. You may need to get an expert with manipulating rods to help clear any blockages, as it may not be successful from the ground.


By making sure you keep an eye on maintenance regularly, the lifespan of your roof and roofline will be improved efficiently. If these issues are ignored, you will find it to be an expense financially. There are simple signs you shouldn’t ignore, such as cracks in the material, paint peeling, mould, water damage, or sagging. However, if you think your rainwater system needs work, please use a professional due to risks at height. An expert will take the proper safety precautions and have the experience and efficiency to do the work, call us for all tile roof repairs in Didcot.


Why You Shouldn’t Ignore A Roof Leak


It can be worrying when you find a leak in your roof, as it can get larger if it’s ignored. This can create danger and potential damage for your roof, meaning you could be paying out a lot of money, especially during the wet months.


Identifying the leak is crucial, so looking out for damp patches, discolouration and bulging in the ceiling is the first step. This can cause weight and pressure to develop, causing water to drip through. The best thing to do is leave something underneath to catch it, such as a bucket. A waterproof sheet should also be put down in case there is more rain.


If there is bulging in the ceiling, then relieving the pressure is the next step. By causing a small hole, it will allow the water to come out and drain. This may seem like a scary prospect, but leaving it could cause the ceiling to collapse. By this point you should make sure the professionals know. They can examine and determine where the leak is coming from and advise you on what needs to be done.


By checking your roof regularly, you will be able to spot any new problems that appear. Inside you may find that light leaks through. Outside you may find damaged tiles and gutters. It’s best to try and catch these problems as soon as possible and alert an expert, so damage doesn’t get a chance to fester, call us today for Flat roof repairs in Oxford.


Benefits of A Slate Roof


The great thing about both modern and period houses, is that many of them have a slate roof. It is a common type of tile due to the distinguished and unique look it has. These tiles also have more choice when it comes to the size and how thick the tile is, as well as the colour and texture.


As well as being fire resistant, slate will also last a long time, especially if looked after correctly with regular checks, due to being reliable and strong. This can be a more expensive material, but if you invest in a slate roof, on the long run it is financially efficient. Decent slate should not start deteriorating or fade, so if it does, or if it is not sturdy and seems soft, then odds are it is a bad quality material. So be careful when looking around.


If you can’t get slate, then concrete would be the next option, but this will not be as effective in look, as these can fade faster. Synthetics can be easier to fit, however it is better to go with the real thing if you’re hoping for a more aesthetic feel.If you need slate or tiled roof repairs in Didcot, call the roof Doctor today.